Stop Cloning around.

March 20, 2018

Buyer beware. All that appears too good to be true – generally is. The use of New Build or Cloned HP and Lexmark cartridges could end up costing you more than you think. Knock-off or clone HP and Lexmark import cartridges are often manufactured using thinner plastics, lesser components and varying or inconsistent quality control processes.  Not only can the failure rates exceed those of PCI Brand, these cartridges are more likely to cause damage to your printer.

It’s about quality. Why do we remanufacture HP and Lexmark cartridge here in the USA? Quality, consistent quality day in and day out backed by rigorous quality control on every remanufactured cartridge we make. It is also about respecting patents and intellectual property. Most HP and Lexmark cartridges are not just toner delivery systems, they have most of the high mortality parts of your printer contained inside a complex outer cartridge. These cartridges are covered by hundreds of patents that can be violated when clones or knockoff cartridges are made. How often do you hear about manufacturer law suits and product seizures of counterfeit, clone and knock off products? Simply put – It isn’t worth the risk. Make sure you know what you are buying when it comes to HP and Lexmark.

Remember that 100% of our PCI Brand® HP and Lexmark toner are Made in the USA using high quality HP and Lexmark cores in our remanufacturing process.  What does that mean to you? Superior quality and never having to worry about violation of patents or intellectual property rights. When you choose PCI Brand® ink and toner you are choosing American Manufacturing and Jobs.  Couple that with our 100% Premium Promise Warranty™ and you have everything you need to feel confident in your purchase.