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PCI Brand® Remanufactured HP 75A 92275A Black Toner Cartridge Replacement

MSRP $50.76

PCI Number: 92275ARPC

This PCI HP 75A 92275A Black Toner Cartridge yields 3,500 pages at 5% coverage. It is backed by our Premium Promise™ 1 year Factory Direct Warranty and is Guaranteed to perform equal to or better than its OEM counterpart. Quality Made in the USA it is TAA and GSA Compliant.

OEM Brand OEM Model Page Yield Output Color UPC
HP 92275A 3,500 Black 845161021538

Machine Compatibility

This cartridge is compatible with the following machines: Asker International 440, Asker International 460, Bezier BP 4040, Brother HL-4, Brother HL-4PS, Brother HL-4V, Brother HL-4Ve, Brother HL-6, Brother HL-6V, Calcomp CCR400R, Canon LBP-4, Canon LBP-4 Lite, Canon LBP-4 Plus, Canon LBP-4SX, Canon LBP-4iii Plus, Canon LBP-LX, Canon P110, Digital DEC Laser 1100, Digital DEC Laser 1150, Digital DEC Laser 1152, Digital LN 07, Digital Laser SYS Plus 121, Digital Laser SYS Plus 141D, Digital Laser SYS Plus 181D, HP LaserJet IIIP, HP LaserJet IIP, HP LaserJet IIP Plus, Konica Minolta PS-410, Konica Minolta PS-420, Lasermaster 1000/4 AFM, Lasermaster 1000/4 KX, Lasermaster 400, Lasermaster 800/4, Lasermaster LaserMax 400, Lasermaster MaxWriter 600, Lasermaster MaxWriter 600, Lasermaster WinPrinter 800, Lasermaster WinPrinter 800i, Newgen Turbo PS/300P, Newgen Turbo PS/360P, Newgen Turbo PS/400P, Newgen Turbo PS/660P, Newgen Turbo PS/880P, OCE 6206, Printer Works LX-29000, Printers Plus ScriptWriter 4PS, SRS Imaging Personal Imager, SRS Imaging Personal Imager 800, Sanyo SPX-406, Sanyo SPX-406PS, Siemens 7500 High Print, Star Micronics Laser Printer 4, Star Micronics Laser Printer 4 Star Script, Star Micronics Laser Printer 4iii, Wang LDP-4P, Wang LDP-4iii, XLI Corp Xpert 1000, Xante Accel-A-Writer 4000

Also Replaces

HP 92275A, HPI-92275A, 92275, HP 75A, HP9-J, PB-92275A, HP9J, PB92275A, 92275AG, 92275A

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