Made in the USA

March 20, 2018

Premium Compatibles Inc., the makers of Genuine PCI Brand® print consumables are proud to be a 100% USA owned and operated corporation.  More that 80% of PCI Brand® products are made right here in the USA by your neighbors. 100% of our Tech Support, Customer Service, Sales and Logistics departments are also here in the United States.  PCI Brand® brings you more than 2,900 top quality TAA and GSA compliant print consumables.

At Premium Compatibles we have faith in the unlimited ingenuity of the American people.  We maintain operations in the USA because we believe:

  1. The phrase, “Made in the USA” still means superior quality and excellence.
  2. Manufacturing in the USA prevents price fluctuations caused by future tariffs imposed on imports.
  3. Product quality and employee satisfaction are better in facilities which meet or exceed standards set forth by the United States Department of Labor and OSHA.
  4. Keeping jobs in the USA supports our neighbors, their children and their grandchildren.
  5. It is important for us to do our part to reduce the US trade deficit and keep US dollars home.
  6. Investing in the US economy will provide a better future for all Americans.
  7. It is better for the environment. Products that are Made in the USA for consumption in the USA equal reduced carbon emissions and pollution associated with transportation.

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