Question: What are remanufactured cartridges?

Answer: Remanufactured cartridges are recycled and reprocessed. This process involves disassembling, inspecting, cleaning, replacing worn parts, reassembling, and filling with ink/toner. The cartridges are then print tested and packaged for resale.

Question: What is the difference between OEM and Premium Compatibles®brand cartridges?


OEM Cartridges:

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products are the replacement inks and toners manufactured for copier/printer/fax machines with the manufacturer’s name on the product, such as Brother, Canon, Minolta, Xerox, etc.

Premium Compatibles® Brand Cartridges:

Premium Compatibles® (PCI) products are replacement inks and toners for the copier/printer/fax machines manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications. These products are labeled with the manufacturer’s brand name Premium Compatibles® and backed by a 100% guarantee (details found on our Premium Promise page).

Question: Will using Premium Compatibles® cartridges void the warranty of my machine?

Answer: No! The use of a Premium Compatible® cartridge does not void your printer’s warranty.

Regardless of which brand of consumables, OEM or Premium Compatibles®, you chose to use, it is a violation of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act for the machine manufacturer, their technicians, associates, or salespersons to require you to use the OEM compatibles as a condition of their warranty. An OEM cannot void your warranty or refuse to provide service or warranty work based solely on the use of Premium Compatibles®.

Question: Why chose Premium Compatibles®/PCI Brand® cartridges?

Answer: It’s Simple! Savings, Service, Professional Print Quality and Reliability!

Question: Where can I purchase Premium Compatibles®/PCI Brand® cartridges?

Answer: Retailers can purchase our products at Synnex Corporation.

End Users can find our products online at thousands of retailers including your favorites!